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Life On Your Own Terms is a team of men & women who represent a major manufacturer of household consumer goods. Our company’s 500+ products are US made, with a focus and dedication to healthier, safer products with a savings of 30%–40% off of store bought brands. We educate households on how they can shop direct at our company’s online store, saving time and money on safer higher quality products. Per FTC guidelines, we are NOT a multilevel marketing company.

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We believe we have the right vehicle to help you achieve all that and more, so that you too can live Life on Your Own Terms! We are a team that wants more in life. Many people today feel stuck in their jobs with too many bills — while missing out on life. Why not let us give you a tour of our company, so you can consider the benefits of living a Life On Your Own Terms.

In the Press

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In the Press: Keeping it in the Family

Here at Life on Your Own Terms, we believe that one of the best ways to do business is with your family. Our team leader, Beth Schomp, has kept her business in the family by partnering with both of her daughters. The ability to work alongside her daughters has been a...


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