Some may think that “having it all” means that corporate career, the title, nice paycheck, benefits, etc. But more often than not, there’s a lack of fulfillment. The fear of downsizing. A demanding schedule with long hours. As much as she loved her job, Tammy Guillory knew there was something more out there waiting for her. She had a vision to not only have a career that would give her the life of her dreams, but a career that could impact thousands of others. Let’s see how Tammy took an honest look into her future and what she chose to do about it.

Blessed But Missing Something

Fred Rogers, of Mr. Rogers television fame, once said “If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you are to the people you never even dreamed of.”

THAT’S the impact I’ve always wanted to have on others. I want to know and see that whatever I’m doing, I’m having a positive effects on others. That I’m helping to change other people’s lives. I thought I had found that in my previous career, and, to a certain extent, I did. But those effects weren’t life changing. I knew there was something bigger waiting for me.

I’ve always been blessed. So when I felt a tug to see “what else was out there”, I can look back and see how God was steering me towards a new venture. It took me a few weeks to recognize that THIS could be the very vehicle to help me make that big impact for others. This company had all the tools to help me make a difference, for others as well as for my own family. I knew this company was crossing my path for a reason; I just did not know what God had in store for me. That said, I knew I had to take advantage of this blessing. So I was ‘all in’, and grateful that I was not alone in the journey.

Fulfilling My Purpose

Helping people live a healthier and more purposeful life gives me such satisfaction! To be that spark, to help families change their lifestyle and habits for the better is what I love to do! And it started with those I love most: my family.

My daughter, Kayley Quebedeaux, was working full time, taking classes to finish her degree, as well as being a single mom of a one year old. She had recently been diagnosed with IBS and Celiac Disease. Thanks to some clinically proven nutritional products from my company, Kayley is now a walking testimonial, so much so that she earns a monthly referral income on over 100 customers. Today, she is married, mom of a 4 year old toddler and is the picture of perfect health!

Like so many others, retirement was looming around the corner for my dear friend Kathy Lanier. Even though she has the most amazing work ethic, she was never able to find the right company who could appropriately compensate her for her hard work. Kathy’s burning desire is to spend time with her granddaughter, who has Down Syndrome. Finally, after years of searching, Kathy has found a home with my company. She is able to spend quality time with her family while building a business that will last a lifetime, and her granddaughter’s lifetime. But Kathy has her own health testimonial: Kathy suffered a heart attack years ago. Thanks to our company’s patented and proven heart supplements, Kathy’s blood work has never been better! Blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart rate…. All of it!


Jeanie Lynch, a mom of 3 girls, is one of the most dedicated wife and mother you will ever find. In 2016, she lost her home and her family’s personal belongings in a devastating flood. As her family worked hard to restore their home, Jeanie took on a side hustle by partnering with me, but this side hustle took her by surprise. By helping other people on their own journey to better health, Jeanie was able to take her husband to St. Lucia for their 25th anniversary.


In 2019, my husband and I were able to take these amazing women and their guests to Hawaii on an all-inclusive 1-week vacation! We experienced adventures of a lifetime and created memories that most only dream about. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be able to not only empower others to live their healthiest life but to also help them actually experience life to the fullest degree!

Someone once told me that life is not a dress rehearsal. Life is a gift and if you are not living out your passion, then you are not treating it as one. Sure, I was happy and successful in my corporate career but something was missing. That fulfillment of fulfilling my purpose wasn’t there. 

Leaving my cushioned 9-5 and starting a partnership with a company filled with integrity and purpose has not only changed my life for the better but it has changed my family’s as well and for that, I am forever grateful.