computerWith today’s busy world, we all need convenience.  An online shopping model allows customers to find, research, and buy the products they need from the comfort of their own homes.  For many looking for home-based businesses, an online shopping model is a must. However, there are some important factors to remember when deciding what type of company to work for.

1. Health and Wellness

From magazines to the prevalence of fitness related posts shared by friends on social media, there is no question that health and wellness based industries are here to stay.  According to the Global Wellness Institute, as of January 2016, the global wellness economy is considered a 3.4 trillion dollar industry. Deciding to work with the company that makes products to help us all live a healthier lifestyle is a sound financial decision as well as a virtuous one.

2. Green Products

Health and wellness begins with what’s in our homes as well as what we put into our bodies.  “Cleaner” products that eliminate unnecessary chemicals like bleach and ammonia can be just as effective without the dangerous side effects. However, choosing a company with products that only profess to be green isn’t a wise decision as shoppers become more and more savvy. Instead, look to team with those companies with long proven records of dedication toward creating greener, sustainable products.

3. Consumer Savings & Consumer Direct to Manufacturer

Along with chemicals, overspending is another thing consumers want to avoid.  Part of the reason that online markets have become so popular is that, in addition to convenience, consumers hope to save money by avoiding all the extra expenses that come with a brick and mortar store. Instead of paying extra on substandard products for shelf-space, advertising, and distribution costs, consumers would often rather pay less for higher quality items that they can get direct from the manufacturer.

The good news is that our company offers all these things in a home business.  Consumers have many options when it comes to purchasing reliable, healthy products for their homes. However, it says a lot about our company that people repeatedly come back to us and encourage their friends and families, as well. Our success is built on providing healthy, environmentally friendly, easily accessible products that give our customers excellent value and make us truly cutting edge.


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