When you are called to lead others and help guide them in their unique journey, it often pours out into every area of your life. Tasha and her husband Eric, live in Tennessee where Eric Pastors a church. They have a strong love for people. Tasha’s passion for others shows true in everything she does, including her newest business venture. Take a look!

Babies Need Their Mama

I live in Tennessee with my two children, Kenley (4) and Tucker (1), and of course, my amazing husband, Eric. I have always 69505788 10100715033431272 294218320771547136 o 300x300 - How One Woman’s Passion Became Her Purposehad a heart for serving people. That is probably why I ended up in the medical field. I am a Registered CT Technologist. I love my job and what I do, but when my family began to grow, I knew my baby needed her mama home. My husband and I decided that it’d be best if I went part-time so that I could stay home and raise our family.

All In

One evening, a friend of mine introduced me to a company full of health-minded products. This company had everything from gum to stain removers. Not only were these products completely safe for my kids, but they were affordable too! I immediately began switching products in my house, and they became a frequent topic of conversation in all my discussions.  My friends were all interested in how they could get these products!

So only a few short weeks after I began to use the products, I started referring my friends to this online store and in return, the company shared their revenues with me. We are just like any other family, and having an extra income is beneficial in so many ways, from the bills to the kids’ extracurricular activities. So getting paid to share the store with others just made perfect sense to me.

A Real Problem Solver

I always want to be a blessing to help others. By telling my family and friends about these amazing, affordable and clean products, I know I am doing them a wonderful service! What I love most of all is that I am providing a solution to real 68916872 10100715033386362 193532493373112320 o 300x300 - How One Woman’s Passion Became Her Purposeproblems for families and their households. Sharing is caring, and I am always looking for someone I can help next. The extra income has helped provide for our family. Making sure our kids don’t have to miss out on the extracurricular activities like Kenley’s tee-ball, gymnastics and preschool make this momma’s heart happy! 

Being a part of this company has taken my purpose in life and desire to help others to the next level! I am very blessed to have found this company! 

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