The Best Tips for Growing Your Home-Based Business without annoying your friends

Have you been added to any Facebook groups lately? Seen 15 Instagram posts in a row from the same friend selling her latest product? Had someone invite you to host (another) kitchen ware party? Been asked to try a drink or a wrap or a cream that’s sure to fix all your ailments?

The home-based business movement began decades ago, and it has been growing rapidly ever since.

The Best Tips for Growing Your Home Based Business (without annoying your friends)

The upside is that home-based businesses create a wonderful opportunity for experienced business people and stay-at-home moms alike to create an income working from home. The downside is that, unfortunately, not all companies and teams train their members on how to go about building their business.

This lack of training can result in enthusiastic and motivated individuals using annoying (and sometimes even spammy) tactics that ultimately reduce their chances of growing their business.

With the rise of social media, this lack of training is even more obvious. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our team is made up of individuals with a wide range of experience in different types of companies, from party-plan to network marketing and MLM. Today we’re bringing you our best tips for growing your home-based business without annoying your friends along the way–whether in person or on social media.

Whether you are brand new or are several years into your home-based business, this list is sure to give you some helpful tips and tricks.

The Best Tips for Growing Your Home-Based Business (without annoying your friends)

  1. Keep social media posts about your business to a minimum.
  2. Lissa says, “Don’t use your personal social media profiles to bombard your friends about your business.” Constantly posting about your business will simply annoy your friends. Tiffanee agrees, “Avoid obnoxious social media blasts in ALL CAPS with lots of emojis ?????‍♀️??? and exclamation points ‼️‼️‼️ that take over a news feed. Seriously, nobody likes those.”

    You can be excited and share about your business, but if it’s all you talk about on social media, your friends will be annoyed. Likewise, if you add friends to groups without permission, you’re likely to push people away instead of encouraging them to learn more about your business. (Instead, you might want to send a customized private message inviting them to the group).

    Mike recommends, “Don’t post much of anything on Facebook.” Sometimes, less is more.

    Many experts recommend using the 80/20 rule when it comes to sharing about your business on social media. Only about 20% of your posts should be business related; the rest should be purely social or personal.

  3. Develop new relationships.
  4. In order to grow your business, you need to develop new relationships. Merilyn recommends: “Don’t stay home. Get out of the house, join a gym, a social group, and meet new people.”

    Meeting new people and developing relationships is vital. Look for activities or events that you are already interested in, and develop new relationships there.

  5. Make sure you are sincere.
  6. While developing new relationships is important, Paula says to “be sincere”. She recommends staying focused on helping others rather than just focusing on your own goals. This is a huge key to building your home-based business without annoying people.

    If you are not sincere about your desire to help, people will see through it.

    Tammy agrees, “Don’t look at everyone with a big “P” for prospect on their forehead.” First, you need to get to know them, develop a relationship, and then determine how your business or product line might be able to benefit them.

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  7. Keep it natural and don’t become “that person”.
  8. In your friendships, make sure you continue to connect with your friends about things they are interested in, instead of solely talking about your own business or product.

    Grow Your Home-based business without annoying your friendsLissa says, “Be a friend first; If your business would help improve their life, show them how. Don’t make every conversation/interaction about your business.”

    Kimberly recommends, “Connect with your friends about what would interest them. It is annoying when someone rambles on about everything THEY love about their company/business without any regard for what is interesting to the person they are talking to.”

    When you stay natural and focus on what other people are interested in, conversations won’t feel forced. And you won’t become “that person” who people avoid at events or parties.

  9. Listen more than you talk.
  10. In order to grow your business without annoying your friends, it’s important to listen more than you speak. It’s easy to be excited and want to blurt out everything you know right away. However, you’ll be much more successful if you focus on listening to others.

    Merilyn keeps it simple: “Stop Talking! Listen to them.” Tara agrees, “Always have your listening ears on… always!”

    When you listen more than you speak, you will likely discover a potential need or way that you can help. However, Kimberly reminds us, “Don’t pounce when you hear the need.” Sometimes, it’s better to wait and follow up on the need later.

  11. Timing is everything.
  12. Remember that your product or business may not be right for someone at this moment, but it may be down the road. Timing is everything. Tara says, “It’s all about timing.” She recommends that you keep people in mind for the future, even if they are not interested right now.

    Taylor also reminds us to follow up sincerely. She says, “People LIKE good, genuine, helpful follow-up.” The key here, again, is to be sincere and helpful. Keep it about the other person and their needs rather than your own goals.

  13. Share your story.
  14. Finally, a big part about being successful in growing your home-based business is to share your story.

    Your story is more powerful than any statistics or sales pitches.

    Mike recommends that you “share with them why and how it has made a difference for you and your family.” When you do this, you’re simply sharing your experience. As long as your story is truthful and sincere, it can be very meaningful and more effective than trying to show someone all the best features of the product you are promoting.

Growing your home-based business without annoying your friends IS possible.

By using the tips above, you’ll be more able to reach your goals with your business. Do you have a tip you want to add to our list? Comment below!

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