Sometimes, working a full time job isn’t enough. Sometimes a nudge can help move the bar while allowing a little bit of comfort in a busy, active lifestyle.

This is exactly where Carla Lambert was a year ago. As a full time pediatric audiologist at a local hospital, she’s busy. Add to that being mom to three active girls and wife to her high school sweetheart, and her schedule is pretty full already.

But as anyone with active children knows, activities are expensive. Her 16-year-old is a cheerleader and her 13- and 10-year-olds are both dancers. This means traveling for competitions, costume costs, lessons, you name it. The costs add up. (Not to mention the idea of college and weddings looming.)

Carla noticed that people had been congratulating her friend Jeanie about her business success. Intrigued, she asked what her friend had been up to. What she found was a whole new world of healthy products that would provide peace of mind for herself and her family.

In that initial conversation with Jeanie, Carla learned about healthier options for some of the products she used every day at home. She works out several times a week and wanted to try some new vitamins and workout bars to help her fitness goals. It was a great fit, and even better that her daughters loved the products too.

Carla then learned that she could turn her love of these products into a side business, earning extra money while helping others. Her husband, Darby, was skeptical. Carla was too. But because there was no risk involved and she had the ability to help more people outside her 9-to-5, Carla dove in.

What she found was a business that allowed her to build more connections in her community while earning income that has helped her family to live a more comfortable, stress-free lifestyle. The income has come in handy when unexpected car expenses or home repairs come up, plus she’s been able to pay off outstanding medical expenses and a credit card.

Carla LambertNot only that, but there’s no more stress when her girls’ expenses come up. Eventually, Carla and her husband hope to start setting aside money for the future. Three girls means three weddings in the future!

One of the biggest perks of this business is the connections she’s made along the way, hosting educational events in homes and local restaurants with other team members–all in about 10 hours per month.

Carla is truly a testament that even with a busy and fulfilling full time job, you can still build a business you love to help your family. She has no plans to leave her day job but is still dedicated to building her home-based business into a legacy that will help her family far into the future.