Being a sports mom means being on the go constantly! On top of a demanding Pediatric Physical Therapy schedule, see how this hockey mom is transitioning from a time restricting schedule to a time to play schedule all while living a healthier life!

Get in The Game

My family has always been into sports. Growing up my husband played the highest level of travel hockey, and I played premier travel soccer.  We both were competitive in our sports and now as adults, we continue to live athletic and healthy lifestyles. Now, Rocco (age 9) loves to play hockey and he also loves training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Dominic (age 13) took his dad’s path competing in travel hockey and training to continue to improve and grow as a player.

Living an active life on the go, it is important to me that the products that I bring into my home are clean and healthy for all of us.  I want to make sure that what I am giving to my boys from the hydration drink they have after practice to the toothpaste they brush their teeth with is the healthiest option available.  

My Family’s “Break Out”

When I first started paying attention to the chemicals that were being used in products made by big brands I was shocked. Brands that I have used and trusted for years had been hiding harmful chemicals from me.

Being in the healthcare field as a Pediatric Physical Therapist for almost 18 years and an avid athlete I have always been conscientious about the products I brought into my home. I have tried several different Brands searching for the best quality but also products that don’t break the bank. My family lives such an active and healthy lifestyle that I thought the brands I was relying on could be trusted. Several months ago, I was introduced to this Wellness store and it was an immediate fit!



Being On the Same Team

At first, I wondered how I was going to convince my kids and husband that these products were better than the ones we had always used. My husband and my boys are particular with what they like and I was not sure if they would make the change.  It took one order for everyone in my family to change their loyalty to the new brand. From sports nutrition to laundry soap, and all the way to toothpaste, we have completely made the switch to safer and cleaner products!

Not only am I a satisfied shopper but being a part of this company will eventually allow me more freedom to spend time doing the things I love and being there for my family.  One day, I won’t be restricted to being in a physical therapy clinic all day and my work day can revolve around my family and my life.

I love that partnering with this company will enable me to continue in a career where I can help people better their lives while maintaining my freedom to see every one of my boys’ games and school events. Being able to impact someone’s life now not only physically but from the inside out is absolutely amazing.