In life, we go through journeys as individuals. For instance, some are led to be doctors, some are led to be educators, and Dr. Pat Thurmond was called to be both! See how one woman’s fast approaching retirement brought her to owning her own business.

I had always been an on-the-go person. From the moment I entered high school, I pursued goals I considered to be greater than myself. While most people were trying to put one foot in front of the other, I was already mapping out my third route. You see, I have never been the type of person who waited for luck, I believe if you wanted something bad enough, hard work and determination would get you there. So, with blinders on, I set out on my life’s journey.

Initially, my journey led to an enlistment in the army, where I was blessed to join the ranks of combat veterans by serving our country in Operation Desert Shield and Storm. It was during this time when I met an intriguing soldier and gentleman named Bill. We married in 1991 and had a precious little girl a few years later. Bill continued military service, retiring after 30 years on active duty, while I transitioned from active duty to make a home for us and pursue my education and career aspirations.


Over the next 20 years, I earned five degrees, one being a Ph.D. in Education, and in the process helped thousands of middle schoolers through doctoral candidates reach their goals. Being an educator has always been fulfilling work, and I still get a thrill every time a student achieves an “ah-ha” moment. However, as retirement came into focus, I began to question my next steps. Please hear my heart, I live a very comfortable and fulfilling life, but I was starting to look forward to, yet frankly fear, my journey into retirement. It was not until I met Taylor when I saw how a successful career could evolve into a business in line with my passion.

Taylor, a national spokesperson for a global manufacturer of health and wellness products, gave a store overview that changed my life. I immediately began to purchase high quality, healthy products from her company’s online store. Bill and I fell in love with the products and the manufacturer.

Fast forward to almost three years. In May 2018, my daughter married her college sweetheart. In September 2018 I decided to start sharing my shopping resource with others, and in March 2019, my daughter and son-in-law delivered us the most exciting news to date, “you’re going to be grandparents!” For the first time in decades, my world stopped, time stood still, and so did I. My life as I knew it was going to change forever and I could not be happier! After the overwhelming joy settled down, I got my major wake-up call. It was time to own my next journey.

With retirement in sight and a grandchild on the way, I can confidently say I am a business owner with the right opportunity to make as much money as my university job, if not more! I am eternally grateful to Taylor for sharing her resource. Because she shared, I can transition into retirement and still stay true to my passion for educating. But instead of helping people earn a degree, I will help them eradicate their homes of potentially harmful chemicals. I will be helping them gain better health and wealth, not just for their immediate household but for generations to come.

Finding this company has been life-changing for my entire family. Not only do I get to continue to educate, but I am more confident about retirement. I can make as much money as I want while working the hours I want. The best part is, I can easily transition into full-time grandma life and continue to honor my passion and live the lifestyle I love!