In life, we go through journeys as individuals. Some are led to be Doctors, some are led to be educators, and Dr. Pat Thurmond was called to be both! See how one woman’s fast approaching retirement and life-changing announcement brought her to owning her own business.

I had always been an on-the-go person. From the moment I got out of high school, I pursued things that I considered to be greater than myself. While most people were trying to put one foot in front of the other, I was already mapping out my third route.

I’ve never been the type of person to wait for luck. I believe that if you want something, hard work and determination is what is going to get you there. So with blinders on so nothing could stop me, I chased all of my dreams.

I received my Ph.D. in education and joined the Military, Special Forces to be exact. This is where I met my amazing husband Bill overseas and married him in 1991. Together we have a daughter who is now 24 years old.

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Our life has always in the fast lane. Other than vacations, my family is always on the go! I have been a Professor now for over 20 years. From middle schoolers to the graduate level, I love to teach them all. I have a passion for helping students navigate through the world of education and waiting for their “ah-ha” moment.

Fast forward a few years. My daughter and her husband sat Bill and me down. They delivered  the greatest news my ears have ever heard, “you’re going to be a grandma!”

For the first time in decades, my world stopped, time stood still, and so did I. My life as I knew it was going to change forever and I couldn’t be happier! After the overwhelming joy settled down, I got my wake up call.

Retirement was coming at me quicker than I had imagined. As a professor, I live a very comfortable life and I wasn’t ready to give that up or my love for teaching. But at the same time, I knew I wanted to slow down and enjoy my grandbaby when he or she arrives. I began searching for a position that would allow me to teach, create my own schedule, and still provide me a comparable income. I found nothing. Feeling worried and almost defeated, I attended a BNI Networking event and that was where I had my own “ah-ha” moment.

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Taylor, a national spokesperson for a global manufacturer of health and wellness products, gave her overview at that meeting and that changed my life forever. I immediately began to purchase high quality, healthy products from her company’s online store. I fell in love with them so quickly that I decided to create my own team and help educate households about this amazing store.

With retirement in sight, I can confidently say that I am a business owner that can make just as much money as a Professor can, if not more! I still have a few years left of teaching, but this allows me to grow my audience and continue to grow my knowledge of everything the company has to offer. I get to build my business on the side and on my time, while I continue to teach full-time.

My passion for teaching continues with my new career! Educating people on what harmful chemicals might be under their roof while impacting the lives of their families forever gives me great satisfaction.


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Finding this company has been life-changing for me and my entire household. Not only do I get to continue to teach, but I am more confident about retirement. I can make as much money as I want while working as little as I want. The best part is, I can easily transition into full-time grandma life and continue to live the lifestyle I love!

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