Life can throw curve balls at us and completely change our plans. What makes or breaks us is often not the challenges themselves, but how we react to those challenges. See how Lisa Wilkinson takes a major health threat and chooses to face it with faith and an upbeat attitude. Her positive outlook on life will amaze you as she uses this challenge as a personal testimony.

The Test Results

Earlier this year, Life on Your Own Terms released my bio which included my journey with cancer. I am very open about my health for many reasons but the main reason is this: I want to help others face their personal challenges with hope, courage, and compassion. Helping others has always been my passion.

I have battled cancer, on and off, for over 10 years now. A few years after battling the first diagnosis, I received news that the cancer had spread again and I knew I now had a choice to make: Let this diagnosis consume me and live a life defined by cancer or live life in joy and be defined by what He says I am.

Clean Living

Since my diagnosis of cancer, I have been very particular about what I put in and on my body, as well as the chemicals I use to clean my home. I always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, but the daunting task of driving from one store to the next to get “organic” or “clean” products seemed like a waste of sunshine on a Saturday to me.

One day, I met 2 of my girlfriends for lunch. They were national spokespersons for a major manufacturer who specialized in healthier, more natural products. Their product line was clean, affordable, and they offered everything from chewing gum to stain removers to nutritional supplements to skin care. As much as I loved the fact that these products were healthier than I could get at the store, I was probably just as excited that the products were delivered straight to my door and I didn’t even have to leave the house.

I decided to try them out, and to my surprise, I loved them. Every one of them. Since then, this one-stop-shop has solved many of my problems. I can now preserve my energy to do things with my family instead of hunting down clean, healthy products around town. Before long, I was telling my friends and family, people I cared for, about these products. Since I believe in these products, it has been easy to refer others to their online store. With the flexibility of this new career and their referral program, I can focus on my health and my faith while earning an income that will help support my family!

My Faith

My faith is very important to me. I believe God is with me every single step in life. From my greatest days to my hardest, Jesus gives me the strength I need to face tomorrow.

People often comment about my positive outlook on life. That’s simple. It comes with the joy of knowing Jesus. Believing in something greater than yourself will give you the peace and encouragement you need to keep pressing on. Over the years, throughout the process of cancer and its changing course, God’s love for me has never changed.

People tell me that there is something different about me and it’s true. I have the light of Jesus in me. I know that joy comes in the morning and I will be renewed. I am excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

Joining this team has been like an answered prayer. Living the life that I have, on my own terms and having the freedom to work whenever I have the energy, has been such a blessing to me. My husband is thrilled to watch me follow my passion and be rewarded for my work.

Life may have thrown a curve ball at me, but I’m still in the ballgame!