Spring has sprung in many parts of the country, and that means ‘spring cleaning’.. Getting rid of the old and bringing in the new–whether it’s truly cleaning up your house and physical space or setting new goals and intentions in your business.

How to Spring Clean mind body home

Even though I’m in Florida, without the true four seasons, I always look at this time of year as one of renewal and growth. I like to purge my home and toss away some of the clutter while I’m cleaning up and preparing for visitors. And I also like to renew and grow some of the connections I’ve made over the year.

Cleaning up your head, heart and health is essential. And if it takes a change in seasons to get you there, then run with it. Here’s how to get the most of this spring cleaning time, at any time of the year.

Tidy up your mind

Social media and technology-driven distractions are a way of life these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them throw you off. Mindful practices can help you avoid the time-suck of tech while still maintaining the connections you crave. Here’s how to spring clean your mind:

  • Turn social media notifications off on your phone. You can keep the apps on, but the constant pinging alerting you to a comment or a like will distract you from what’s important–your loved ones.
  • Use your phone’s Do Not Disturb feature. Whether it’s a distraction-free dinner or a set time each night to turn off the technology, Do Not Disturb will help you to have the quiet time you need to recharge.
  • Schedule in your social media. If you work at a computer, having your email and social feeds open in a tab is like inviting distraction and interruption. Keep distracting tabs closed and schedule in time to check them–no more than three times a day. I promise that the notifications will still be there!
  • Meditate. There are free meditation apps like Calm and Headspace available to help guide you through meditation. And if that’s not something that speaks to you, practice sitting quietly for 10 minutes a day, without distraction.

Work out your routine

If you live where it’s cold, you might have let your workout routine slide over the winter. After living in Virginia for years, I don’t blame you! But now that warmer weather is on its way, it’s time to get outside and be active. You know that exercise is good for your body, but it’s also good for your mind. According to the American Psychological Association, it can help elevate your mood, curb anxiety and foster a better overall sense of well-being.

Working out doesn’t have to mean joining an expensive gym. There are YouTube videos you can do from the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment needed. And nothing really beats the great outdoors for clearing your mind while spending time working your body. Bring a friend or family along for the ride!

Woman kneeling down on a running path tying her running shoes

Cleaning up your cleaning

A recent study by the European Community Respiratory Health Survey proved that just exposing your family, one day a week, to normal everyday household cleaning products is more harmful than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day! Women were impacted far greater than men. And it’s NOT because we are traditionally the cleaners in the household. How unfair is that!?

I’m not suggesting that you forgo your cleaning duties, but I am suggesting that you evaluate what products you are using in your home. If you want a great resource on how to find healthy products for your home at wholesale prices, send me a private message and I’ll share my secret!

No matter what time of year it is, a healthy purge and a recharged routine is the perfect way to move forward with a new sense of purpose and a clean slate.

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