How One Choice Helped Me Create The Life I Want

Today you’ll read the story of Kathy Lanier, a Life on Your Own Terms team member since February 2017. Kathy’s story of perseverance and creating the life she wants is sure to inspire you!

How One Choice Helped Me Create the Life I Want

I have worked for a restaurant chain since 1975, as bookkeeper, as well as many other positions to keep the business running locally. But in May of 1999, my world was rocked, and our family’s life was changed forever.

I had a heart attack, and then my brother had a heart attack 8 days later. That same month, my daughter gave birth to my granddaughter Morgan. It was at that moment we discovered she had Down Syndrome – something we had been unprepared for.

Trying Out Direct Sales

Shortly after these surprising health challenges, I jumped into the world of direct sales and party plan. I wanted to find a way to earn extra income and help cover the additional medical expenses our family had incurred.  

I worked with a candle company for over 12 years. Additionally, I tried 3 other companies, trying to find the right fit. I spent a lot of my earnings on buying inventory, catalogs, and samples. I grew a large team in one company, and even earned a trip to Hawaii. But when I looked at my bottom line, I didn’t see much of a profit.

At the same time, as my granddaughter grew up, we treated her just like all our other kids and grandkids. We wanted her to have the confidence to pursue anything she wanted to.

How One Choice Helped Me Create The Life I Want | My granddaughter's business Da Bombs by MorganMorgan has grown into an amazing young woman, with very diverse interests and talents. She decided she wanted to go to college, but she would need a way to help pay for it. So, she started her own business selling bath bombs, and it took off.

A New Opportunity

When a friend shared with me about this team, I wasn’t really looking for another business. However, my friend shared with me about a few people that I knew from previous companies who were building incredible businesses by partnering with the Life on Your Own Terms team. So I decided to take a look.

The thing that intrigued me the most was the products. I saw pure essential oils that we could use for Morgan’s bath bombs business at a fraction of the cost. Plus, I saw plenty of other products that I was already shopping for anyway, but these were healthier, higher performing and less expensive.  Then I realized that if I pursued the referral side of the business, I would not have to drive around town, deliver products, or spend money on inventory or samples. I was in.

Creating the Life I Want

That one choice helped me begin to create the life I wanted–a life where I can spend my time with the people that matter most to me. And a life where I am able to help provide for my family financially in a flexible way. I can literally work from anywhere!

In the past 6 months, I’ve earned more money than I had in several years with my other companies. And this time, the income stays in my pocket.

How One Choice Helped Me Create The Life I Want

With this extra income, I have been able to travel with Morgan and our family to Chicago for a month. Morgan participated in a pageant, and it was incredible to be able to be with her during that time. The income I earned with this business helped pay for the hotel and flights.

Most importantly, because of this business, I am now able to spend more time with Morgan and my other children and grandchildren. One of my favorite things to do is attend Morgan’s events such as power lifting, pageants, and swimming.

Thanks to being part of the Life on Your Own Terms team, I am confident that I’ll be able to achieve even more goals and dreams in the coming years.

How One Choice Helped Me Create The Life I Want | Kathy LanierKathy lives in Mississippi and has 2 children, Denise & Charlie, and 4 grandchildren, Taylor, Morgan, Cameron, and Chaz. Kathy loves animals and has 3 dogs and a cat. She dreams of a time when she could have a big place with lots of acres so that she could rescue more dogs and give them space to run.