Millennials often have a different vision of their lives than other generations had in their 20s. For most, it’s time freedom that drives them in their careers. Read about Chelsey, who knew early on what she wanted her life to look like.

Millennial in at-home business

Chelsey Byrd’s former roommate, Taylor Schomp, worked an at-home business after college and frequently encouraged Chelsey to learn more about it. In fact, a career aptitude test even told Chelsey she’d be an entrepreneur. Instead, Chelsey went the more traditional route, finding a job at Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

While she earned a steady income, Chelsey was miserable. She had no work-life balance because she was working upwards of 60 hours per week and often on the weekend. Sure, she was able to promote within, eventually working her way up to assistant manager at multiple locations. But Chelsey was far from fulfilled.

Looking for a change, Chelsey was sold on a job as a healthcare recruiter, thinking life would be greener in that role. A friend commented about how fulfilled she was as a recruiter and that the hours weren’t nearly as demanding. It also seemed to be more aligned with what Chelsey originally went to school for, exercise and sports science, so she took the leap.

Unfortunately, that’s not what Chelsey found. Sure, things were better for a while, but the job became more competitive and the hours got longer. She even felt guilty for leaving work at the end of the day to spend time with her new husband, Brian.

This is not how Chelsey imagined life would be. And as much as she wanted to find a new job, she couldn’t post her resume online for fear that her colleagues, other recruiters, would find it.

Millennial in home-based businessAfter many conversations with her husband and a lot of praying, Chelsey quit her job so she could look full time for a new position. Thinking she’d find a new position in a month or two, Chelsey partnered with her friend, Taylor, and started her at-home business to earn some supplemental income. She had been Taylor’s customer for a few months and liked the products but she wasn’t ready to dive in and make it her career.

Chelsey was looking for something that allowed her time freedom to spend evenings and weekends with Brian. She wanted a job where she had control of her earnings and her potential. And she wanted to be able to take her dog for a walk midday or go on vacation when her husband had time off–not have to put in for time off and then feel guilty about it.

What she realized was that her at-home supplemental income could actually turn into that full-time opportunity she was looking for. Suddenly, she knew it was her dream job. After talking to her husband and getting his support, she called up Taylor and told her she was all in.

Friends and family members were supportive but didn’t understand what her new role was. They thought she was just home all day–not realizing she was working.

When friends stopped by unannounced, Chelsey made a point of showing them what she did. She talked about her team, the accountability, her business goals. She talked about being a self-starter and having the luxury and responsibility of managing her own time.

Chelsey knows that people her age don’t really see what she is doing as a full time job or career, but she knows otherwise. Aside from the freedom, she loves that the company and her team are supportive. There’s encouragement for setting goals, but not to the point that it compromises her health or freedom.

Millennial in home-based businessGrowing up with an entrepreneurial father, Chelsey now feels like it’s in the blood. She asked her father one day what made him leave his steady job and go out on his own. He responded, “When it was the only thing I could think about. I prayed about it and took a leap of faith.”

Chelsey’s leap of faith has turned into a steadily growing income and some big career goals down the road. She’s focused on building and supporting her own team and leans into more seasoned team members for the guidance she needs to make her dreams come true. Meanwhile, she loves the freedom to travel with her husband and live life on her own terms.