heather-before2The past five years have offered me the incredible opportunity to reflect on a lot of “befores and afters.” Five years ago, a friend invited me over to check out her favorite online store.  I almost didn’t go because I was completely overwhelmed with life, but I am so glad I did. You never know when a life changing moment might knock at your door.

That’s where my “before” starts.  I was unemployed, with no job in sight, and only 2-3 months of benefits left. On top of that, my family was experiencing some sleepless nights. My youngest daughter, who was four at the time, was having a lot of trouble breathing. We had to use her nebulizer almost every day. Her health was actually part of the reason I even went to check out the store.  I wanted to find safer products to use around my kids, and this online store specialized in healthier products.

I learned that this company makes the choice NOT to advertise, and instead, they offer an incentive when customers refer their family and friends. No selling, just referring.  Previously, I had worked for a direct sales company, and even though I didn’t excel at “sales,” I knew I was a “people person,” and this could be right up my alley.  I jumped right in because I knew this was my best option. Within the next three months, I had replaced my unemployment income and didn’t have to go back to Corporate America.  No more long hours, stressful commutes, and babysitting challenges.  I have been a working stay-at-home mom ever since.

heather_after2Looking at my “after,” this career has allowed me to be a mom, first and foremost. Volunteering at the school, being there for sick kids, meeting my children off the bus – all of it!  My husband loves what I do because I contribute to our family’s finances. (I was even able to buy him a new truck for Christmas!) More importantly, he sees how happy I am.  I get to be the mom I want to be, and my kids love that too!  They see and appreciate the environmental impact of the products we introduce into our home and encourage me to help their friends’ families as well. Even better, our breathing treatments have almost become a thing of the past for my youngest daughter, who is now nine.

But, one of the best “afters” this journey has given me is time for myself. More flexibility in my schedule has allowed me to dedicate time to me and my health.  I recently lost about 22 pounds in 12 weeks. If you are at all curious about this online store or this business, imagine what your “after” could look like if you make the choice to live Life On Your Own Terms.