One day, I gave into my curiosity and asked a simple question: “Can you tell me more about the company you are working for?”  With that question, the course of my career path shifted completely.

Before that moment, I had spent the last eight years working hard with another company to build a business from home.  That’s when I originally met Beth Schomp.  I was making decent money, and I enjoyed my work. I really wasn’t looking for something different, but I was intrigued about this new business venture.  I valued Beth’s judgment, so I called her to find out more.

What I learned was, with this new company, I could make more money; even better, I could help more people. I had to step outside of myself to help others, which is what this opportunity does.  It gave me a business model and product line that allows me to help others, rather than only help myself.

This new discovery was what I needed to make a change. It’s been 10 years since I asked that simple question, and since then, I have experienced even greater success and developed friendships I will have forever.  That’s what happens when you positively impact people’s lives from both a financial and wellness standpoint.

IMG_4742RwebIn the last 10 years, I have also been able to grow my family along with my business.  I have five beautiful children, four daughters and one son, whom I homeschool.  Now more than ever, I need the flexibility that this opportunity provides.

My family appreciates this business. My husband is one of my biggest word-of-mouth promoters.  He loves that I have something to consider my own that I am passionate about, while also contributing to our family’s finances. And, most of all, he loves the products!   

I love my work, and I love that I can provide a great income, while still meeting the needs of my family. The best part is that I am present for all those small moments; I treasure those. I am able to set the priorities I want to have in my life and live life on my own terms.