redman_post-imageWhen I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being a mom. When my husband and I married, we both agreed that I would stay home and raise our children when it was time. However, as life would have it, my son’s arrival in the timeline of our marriage was earlier than expected.  We weren’t financially prepared for me to quit my job and stay home with my son.  I needed to find another option, or I would have to put him in daycare.

We started looking for different possibilities that would allow me to be a stay at home mom.  We weighed all our choices and quickly developed criteria of what we were were looking for: flexibility, low financial risk, and something I could feel passionate about.  Unfortunately, there weren’t a significant number of opportunities that offered all three.

Many home-based businesses require a significant investment up front, such as expensive consultant kits or inventory.  Several of them have hidden business costs that are incurred along the way.  We were not in a position to spend money we were not guaranteed to get back. Furthermore, most of those companies involved selling a product that I just could not get excited about.

During this time, my son was diagnosed with both asthma and eczema. I started my research for safer, green household products. I found this incredible online store with affordable products that specialized in natural ingredients. In that research, I found that this company kept costs low by not advertising. Instead, they offered a lucrative referral program for customers!

THIS was something I could be passionate about!  Helping other moms create a healthier household AND save money on their household budget!  Who wouldn’t be interested in that?!

As I took a closer look, this company seemed to meet all our criteria.  It truly was a no-risk opportunity.  I would only buy products I would  use for my family,  and all of their products came with a 100% money back guarantee. By simply referring others to the store, I would be rewarded generously. No selling of products. No inventory. No recruiting.  

The best part is that I really believe in these products.  They have significantly improved the health of my family, and I am proud to share this information with other moms. As mothers, we are always looking for the safest products at the best value for our families. We turn to other moms for advice, and I know I have found products I can confidently recommend.

My story is just beginning, but I feel it already has a happy ending. I found a store I can trust for my family’s health and budget. I found a company that I can partner with that has integrity behind everything they do. I have not only found a business to work from home, but a CAREER that I am passionate about!  I can honestly say that not only has this company and team helped me to live Life On My Own Terms, but I’m helping other moms do the same.