Sometimes an unexpected turn in life leads to the biggest blessings; you might have to weather the storm before you see those blessings.

Unexpected Turn Leads to Thriving Business

As part of a networking group for his own business, my husband learned about some amazing products that were safer and less expensive than what I had been using in our home for years. Knowing that I was a clean freak and that we wanted to avoid harsh chemicals around our young son, Jesse told me about his discovery.

Now, I’ve tried green cleaners before and I never felt like they worked. I didn’t want to risk germs around my son, but I also knew that the harsh chemicals in most cleaning products were even worse. What I didn’t know yet was what a Godsend these products really were.

Needing a Side Business–Without the Hassle

Before my son was born, Jesse and I decided that I would stay home with him. It was important to me to be home, and I loved it, but it was also a struggle because I was used to helping out with finances in the home. Jesse has always worked hard, running his own handyman and home-watching businesses in Naples, Florida while winter visitors were away.

When Hurricane Irma hit, however, the community and my husband’s business took a big hit. Winter visitors came back to town early to check on their homes. The homeowners no longer needed him because they were back in their vacation homes! Though he was bartending on the side, money was tight. Too tight for comfort.

Mom and son in front of a hay bale

My son, Leo, and I went to Rochester to save money, staying with family who could watch him while I looked for temp work. It was very difficult for my husband and I to be away from one another, especially with Leo so young. But we didn’t know what else to do.

I had trouble finding temp work, and I was desperate to find work that allowed me to be home with my son. I had tried several multi-level marketing programs, some focusing on Health & Wellness. I am very active and regularly take supplements so that seemed like a good fit.

Unfortunately, the pricing structure and cost of those products were prohibitive. With the struggles we were having, I wasn’t able to maintain my own required purchases to be considered an active coach and customers weren’t thrilled about paying a lot of money for shakes.

Clean Products, With a Bonus

At Jesse’s request, I attended one of this company’s online tours so I could find out more about the cleaning products–it didn’t matter where I was living, I wanted my cleaning products to be safe. What I learned during the tour was that I could turn my use of safe cleaners and lower-cost health supplements into a business! I literally had no idea–Jesse failed to mention that part!

Mom and son on a boat

I quickly purchased what I needed to start cleaning smart and my family and friends in Rochester were intrigued. I invited my mom and aunt to attend a tour, and at the last minute added my future sister-in-law, Alyssa, as well.

I was skeptical about inviting Alyssa because, as a bodybuilder, I wondered if she would downplay the quality of the health and fitness products. Or perhaps, she was already promoting a particular line of sports nutrition products.

Well, one of the greatest gifts my new business has given me is a common thread with Alyssa. It brought us even closer together as we’re building our businesses side by side. If nothing else happens in my business, it’s this gift that will make me eternally grateful.

While it’s only been a few short months, I’m now home in Florida with Jesse and able to stay home with my son because of the business I’m building.

That one little networking meeting my husband attended has changed everything, but it never could have happened without my decision to at least get educated on healthier options.

Shekinah and her husband, Jesse, live in Naples, Florida with their son Leo. They revel in the fact that they are back to living under the same roof and both pursuing the businesses of their dreams. And Shekinah doesn’t ever have to worry about the products she uses to keep the house clean being unsafe or harmful to their young son.