Life never seems to work out exactly as you planned it. It will throw you some unexpected curveballs that can leave you stunned OR, you can choose to see the beauty in it all. Never did I imagine that I would be a full time care provider for my grandchildren at 47 years young! I planned my life one way, but God had other plans for me.

As a single mom, I had to work hard, but was blessed to “fall into” a career that I never planned. For almost 20 years I worked in the newspaper industry and I loved it! What I did not love were the long hours every week. I missed out on many special moments in my son’s life because of it, but I thought there was no other way. While putting him through private school and myself through college, to make ends meet, I tried several MLM companies, but instead of helping my pocket, they made a hole in it. I vowed to never go that route again!

Then one day, my daughter-in-law invited me to a health fair at a local dance studio. Due to my poor health (I had been suffering for years with rheumatoid arthritis), I accepted her invitation. Maybe I would find some miraculous product that would help me feel better. Plus, I was looking for a healthier solution to cleaning with horrible chemicals that made my lungs feel like they were on fire. Best decision I could have made that day because I was introduced to an amazing wellness company with a completely different business model. I was intrigued. Ultimately, that led me to the wonderful Life On Your Own Terms team. Now at 53 and four grandchildren later, this wonderful company has given me such peace of mind. Not only are my grandbabies safe from harmful chemicals, I now make an income that allows me the freedom to continue helping my son and daughter-n-law with the care of their children. I have been given a second chance to not miss any special moments in the lives of my grandchildren. AND I have the privilege to help others do the same. Life has come full circle for me!