I was raised in East Texas, by hard working parents; my dad in the oilfield and my mother, an entrepreneur. I learned very early that if something was worth having, it was worth working for. My parents also taught me that the main principal in life and business is to treat others as you would want to be treated, i.e. “The Golden Rule”. I’ve tried to live that lesson every day.

I married very young; so therefore, I didn’t complete high school or attend college. Shortly after, I became the mother of 4 children, VERY close in age. Not having a degree, I was a stay at home mom for the first 10 or 12 years. Once the children we’re all in school, I passed the GED, attended night courses and took a job with the local school system. Meantime the entrepreneurial spirit kept nagging at me, so I attempted several different companies with very little success.

Friends and family kept telling me to give up and just get a ‘real job but I continued looking for the perfect fit.

Then, there it was, exactly what I was meant to do. A cosmetic company that was offering Free Color analysis, through the party plan format. I became an instant success. One of the first to promote to Director in my area. For years, I was at the top of that company, including the top paid position in the company. After 35 years with that company, and devoting much of my time mentoring those in my organization, we received a phone call from our parent company that they were closing our doors.

You can imagine how devastating this was for me. I had devoted 35 years, building a business that I thought would last my lifetime.

I don’t mind saying I went through a mild depression, but even at an age when most people would just retire, I began looking for that perfect fit for me to begin again. I checked several companies once again, but none of them made me feel that I would be offering anything of real value to others. I wanted something that would benefit others as much as it did me. So just like before, after several failed attempts, I got a phone call from Beth Schomp.

Beth and I were long time acquaintances from our former company. Before even looking at this company, I said I wasn’t interested, like I think many people do. We either jump to conclusions or we are afraid to look. However, I realized I owed it to myself to at least get the facts. After seeing how this company changes lives, through helping families save money, by improving their health, by making their home a cleaner safer place, and most importantly, giving them the opportunity to Live Life On Their Own Terms through their business model, I knew I wanted to be a part of that mission.

Once again, I have found my perfect fit and began my next chapter….. and I can finally Live Life on My Own Terms. And this time, I’m leaving a legacy for my family.

Thank you, Beth, for thinking of me.