My father was a comic book artist and worked from home using a spare bedroom as his studio, so it has always been in my blood to be my own boss. I tried 13 different home-based businesses before I found Life on Your Own Terms. I love working with people, sharing and teaching, and now I am able to incorporate those aspects into my business. It excites me that I have found such a business that truly cares about their customers and provides a way for real residual income for me and thousands like me. My business provides me with great pleasure and satisfaction to see how other’s lives are positively impacted by our company in all areas of their lives – personally, physically, financially and environmentally.

Being a part of the Life on Your Own Terms team has enabled me to live a healthier, more vibrant life and because of real residual income, it has allowed me to save thousands and thousands of dollars and feel confident about my retirement. I am so happy that someone took the time to share this wonderful opportunity with me!