I’ve always had a dream of owning my own business – especially an event planning/wedding business. Events are my passion! But that dream was one that I didn’t think could be a career any time soon. Being single, out of school with graduate school debt, and living paycheck to paycheck… it all made it seemingly impossible to reach for my dream.

Then I met the Life On Your Own Terms team.

This company changed my life right from the start… but it all started with the products. I grew up allergic to everything, so I was eager to see what they could offer. I quickly realized that I’d finally found a manufacturer I could trust — and when I realized just how special this company was, I jumped right in.

Partnering with the this team has given me the chance to work with a great company that I can stand behind, and finally start planning for both my dream and my future family. Now, my dream is a lot closer than I ever thought it would be. Not only that, working with the Life On Your Own Terms Team has given me a purpose to help others more than I could in my day to day job. I’m finally chasing my own dreams again, but the best part is that I get to help others start reaching their goals and dreams now, too — because why wait?