I come from a family of all boys, so I learned a long time ago how to stand up for myself. This early learned trait was the precursor to my independence into adulthood. I worked in high school and put myself through college. I was encouraged to pursue a degree in criminology and police science, so I took on that challenge…. but I never did anything with it.

Fast forward a few years. I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, but I ended up raising her alone. Another notch in my belt of independence. Even though those were tough years, I continued to challenge myself with whatever came my way. I was in several MLM’s: Personal Attack Alarms, Make-up, Travel, Lingerie, Jewelry, Hemp Oil, but they all failed. I spent a lot of money buying these various products, but they would not sell. I spent a lot of money, not knowing what I was doing.

I enjoyed an incredible career in insurance, but my strong entrepreneurial spirit kept calling me. So when my friend contacted me about the Life On Your Own Terms team, I was intrigued yet hesitant. I did not want another MLM experience but I love a challenge! Learning that this company is NOT an MLM was a relief! I’m having a blast in this new chapter in my life. The support of this team has made this journey so enjoyable, and yet I still have my independence! It’s a perfect fit for me: life on my OWN terms!