I have a very rewarding career as a pediatric audiologist. I love my work. But as a mom of 3 girls, I watch our expenses grow bigger year after year after year. One day, there will be college. And then, I’ll have 3 weddings to pay for! You can’t start too early in saving up for that!

I did not search for a way to bring extra income to our home; but when my friend mentioned it to me, it just made sense. Why not educate others about a store that has great quality products, at a better price than what they are buying already, and get paid for helping others? Having an extra stream of income come into our home has filled a need I did not fully recognize that I had!

This company, this store, and the Life On Your Own Terms Team allows me to live a more stress free life! That helps me be a better mom and a better wife! I’m one blessed woman!