I felt like all I was doing was working. Long days, measly checks, no end in sight. That exhausted me. I had a college degree and had worked at the “right” jobs after college to propel my career, yet I wasn’t excited about my future. I didn’t have time to take vacations or energy to spend time with my family and friends. I was recently married and was in the best place in life, yet I felt unfulfilled professionally. I reflected on what I really wanted for a career and I went for it.

I was raised by entrepreneurs. It took me a long time to realize that I myself, was born to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to build a business I was proud of and be part of a company that stood for something. Personal development, teamwork, stability and passion were extremely important to me. I hit the jackpot with this Life On Your Own Terms Team! I am able to build a business with all of those things with this team.

Joining this team gives me a future with a purpose. I now love what I do for a living. I know the impact that I can make in a person’s health, with a person’s income, with their ability to get their freedom back. That’s why I work hard – to help other’s reach their goals. And in doing so, I’m reaching mine as well.