I am a busy mom of 5 kids: 4 boys and one girl. Every one of them are extremely active, all in different activities, so you can imagine all the different directions I run in! Football, wrestling, track, dance! Being their mom is the most important job I have, so I have made choices in my careers so I can do just that: be their mom. I ran a daycare in my home for 9 years, so I could stay home with my children. I worked as a community sports director and worked odd shifts as a manager, so I could be there for my kids.

My friend, Cindy, shared how she found a company that will allow me to fulfill my dreams: travel with my family, take a vacation without the hassle, pay for their college educations.

I can’t begin to share how passionately I feel about this company. This company is everything that I wanted in a career: Purpose, integrity, credibility, financial security. . . and most of all, time freedom!