I really did not have a choice: I had to be a stay at home mom. Now mind you, I LOVE that choice. But our middle son was born with Down Syndrome and that required constant care. That situation also required something else: Creating the healthiest household possible on an already tight budget.

Then I found this company and this team and what an answer to prayer. This online shopping club has been our #1 resource for our family’s everyday needs for many years now. To be able to shop from home, buy healthier products at a fraction of store brand prices, it was such a win for us. But I’ve been able to share this with so many other moms who have their own needs, their own stories. I love being part of a solution for so many other households.

Living life on my own terms means being there for my family. I am able to not only stay at home, but I bring in a monthly income by referring other families to this shopping club. These parents are grateful for a store they can trust with their families health and finances. Life on my own terms means making a positive difference for my family….. and for other families too.