I’ve never been one to follow the ‘standard path’ in life. I’ve always felt better marching to the beat of a different tune. I felt it as a kid. I live it as an adult.

I never wanted a 9-5 job. To me, that would be so stifling. So confining. Years ago, I was introduced to the world of direct sales by my mother, Barbara Crawford, and I immediately knew I that THIS was the industry I wanted to be in: Direct Sales.

Having the freedom to work my own schedule was critical for me as a young mom, but it’s just as important now, years later. I have a husband, 5 kids and 9 grandkids and being involved in each of their lives is like breathing air to me! Working my own business from home has allowed me to do just that!

So the phrase, “life on your own terms”, has always been important to me, but until I joined this team, this company, I don’t think I ever believed that financial freedom could truly be part of the package as well. Now I know otherwise. I see it happening.

Time Freedom AND Financial Freedom. It has a lovely ring to it. This Life On Your Own Terms Team offers me both. And I’m still marching to my own tune!