“You have to work hard to get what you want.”

That’s what my mom always said. She ingrained that principle in me. So I did just that. I have worked hard for my entire adult life, or so it seems.

So, for 32 years, I worked in Corporate America as a District Sales Manager for a well known cosmetic company, working 70 – 80 hours/ week. The reality is I did not get what I wanted from all that hard work. However, for years, I convinced myself that was okay. All that time, I believed I was helping others achieve their goals and dreams; but because that company was an MLM, I never saw their goals and dreams come to fruition. Looking back, I realized that particular business model encouraged putting in lots of time, effort and money into their businesses. In reality, those great people were barely making $3/hour. They were living that same principle my mother taught me:

“Work hard to get what you want.” But what they wanted never happened.

Upon retiring, I realized that I did not want just to waste my life away. I have a lot to contribute to this life and a lot of life to live. I want to Live Life On My Own Terms, which means living life to the fullest. Joining this team is allowing me to earn the income that I will need to travel, see the world, and experience new things…without touching my retirement funds. I now have a career that where I can truly help others reach their dreams and goals, and finally Live Life On Their Own Terms.