Have you ever held on to something longer than you should…. afraid to let go of it? That’s how I felt about my career. I loved my career, and I was good at it, but once children came into the mix, it became obvious that all those long hours were putting a strain on our family. I was missing too many special moments with my little girl.

Not wanting to walk away from a job I loved, I cut back my hours so I could be home more. Turned out that really was not the solution, plus I now had twins, so I cut back even more hours. The guilt I felt from not giving my all to my job plus the guilt of leaving the kids with my husband or a sitter was really just too much for me.
Sometimes, if you don’t make the decision, the decision is made for you. After much prayer, our wonderful sitter gave notice. That was my sign to be a stay at home mom, but soon we felt the pinch of losing my income. So, more prayer……and finally my answer.
My path crossed with a young woman, who introduced me to a company that really cares about families and moms staying home with their children. As a national spokesperson for this amazing company, I teach other moms about Wellness On A Budget, something I can totally relate to! Knowing I’m helping other families make better, healthier decisions and save them money at the same time gives me such joy! Plus I’m able to work this around my family, on my own terms. The support within our network is amazing! This Life On Your Own Terms team and the company we have partnered with have been a game changer for me!