I’ve always wanted to live Life On My Own Terms. That’s why I waited a long time to have a child. I had always been told that having children will change your life, and honestly, I did not want my life to ‘change’. So after 15 years of marriage to my husband Rick, I finally had my son, Walker. Rick and I have now been married for 34 years. And I learned that this ‘change’ of having my son just made our lives better!
I joined a skincare/party plan company in 1987 and enjoyed lots of great perks with that company. What I loved most about that career was that I was in control of my time. I had the time flexibility that most home-based businesses offer. I also enjoyed working with women, teaching them how to look good and hopefully feel better. Working with women became my ministry. The work, however, was cumbersome: making deliveries, keeping inventory, billing and collecting money. I did not realize how burnt out I was until the company closed down in 2017.
Along that journey, my life has been hit with many challenges that have taught me that I don’t always have ‘control’. In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Time, which I valued so much, stopped for me. I opted for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and during that process, we lost our health insurance. I learned that I had to give up ‘control’ to God. And in doing so, I learned that He is been my promise keeper and provides for all my needs.
If that weren’t enough, 6 years later, I received another cancer diagnosis: breast cancer that had metastasized to my hip bone and spine. Currently, there is no cure for metastasized breast cancer. So I am choosing to make the most of this life while I am on this earth. My new ministry is still working with women, moms and their families, but this time it is thru the Life On Your Own Terms team. I feel I can not only make a bigger impact on others this way, but it’s also allowing me to pay down the medical debt that I’ve incurred. I’m so grateful that I still have time flexibility as I never know day to day how I’ll feel, and having a simpler business, especially now, is important because I want to spend time with my family as well as my other passion: dancing! And now, I have a great focus: I’m helping others create safer, healthier homes without breaking their budgets. I’m making a difference in other’s lives, but in a much deeper more meaningful way than before.
I could use my cancer as an excuse to not ‘live life’, just like I could have used having a baby as an excuse. Instead, I’m making the choice to Live Life On My Own Terms and that means enhancing the lives of others!