I have been in the medical profession since 1974.  I served in the US Army in the medical corps and used the GI bill for my degree in nursing. Working as a Registered Nurse was so rewarding. I loved being able to help others and make a difference in their lives.  I worked 50+/hr. a week, commuted 3 hours a day and had 2 other part-time jobs.  The income from all of my jobs solely went to paying bills. I also dreamed of  traveling to incredible scuba diving destinations and saving for retirement; however, I knew my present income sources wouldn’t allow me to do so.  I looked into having a fun, educational business of my own to make that happen.  I learned quickly that I could make more money part time by having my own business with Life on Your Own Terms and therefore my decision was an easy one.

No more being stuck in traffic, no more chronic headaches and back pain or worrying from month to month what bills were going to be paid.  I love that I can give myself a raise, and I can enjoy life, having the ability to be there for my grandchild, when in the past I missed so many activities with my own son because of my “job”.    I have more time for philanthropic interests and giving back to the community, saving for my granddaughter’s college fund, traveling and securing my retirement.  I am so blessed.    I  enjoy being able to help others succeed by reaching their goals.  I love that I can “live on my own terms” with the life I have always wanted.  With desire, purpose and hard work, anything is possible.