After working in accounting for 20 years, I realized all of my hard work and effort was never going to give me the freedom I truly desired. As a wife and mother, I want the time and freedom to do the things I enjoy with my family without the barrier of long work hours. I was fortunate to be in a position to leave the workforce and be at home with my family.  However, as in all families, children grow up and leave home.

With the children gone, I found myself staring at the walls longing for the job I once loved.  I missed the camaraderie of working with others towards a common goal. Then I remembered the things I didn’t love… the long hours, the deadlines, the stress, the commute, etc.

I was seeking something, which offered me freedom to live the life I chose while also providing me with the means to accomplish more of my financial goals.  After joining our company, I found that I could reach my goals while working with an extraordinary team.  I love living Life On My Own Terms and now I’m helping others do the same!