I have always been an extrovert and loved talking to people. My mother tells the story of when I was 4 years old and we moved to a new Army Post and she couldn’t find me among the boxes on move-in day. She went outside and spotted me knocking on our neighbor’s doors, introducing myself and asking if they had any kids that could play. This was just the beginning of me never meeting a stranger.

I have worked in the business world my entire life and always thought I would be an accountant because I love numbers. What I found is that spreadsheets can’t hold a conversation and in Marketing, I could work with numbers and people. I earned my Bachelors’ of Business Administration in Marketing and enjoyed working my corporate jobs over the next 20 years. Then one day everything changed. The company I was working for was eliminating my position at the end of the month. I had no plan B! What was I going to do as a single mom of 2 kids?

Lucky for me, a friend called. She was a previous coworker, who had the wisdom and courage to start her Plan B early. She said: “you might want to take a look at this, as I have found a way to live life on my own terms and
you can too.” I was curious and a little skeptical about how I could replace a full-time income, spend time with my kids and not have to go back to working in the “cubical world”.

I’m so glad I “took that look” as I’m growing a great business that gives me the freedom to be with my kids and fulfills my need to talk to people. Now I get to use my marketing skills and my love of numbers to work for myself and truly help others live a longer, healthier life.