I served in the U.S. Coast Guard for six years and then went on to become a Maryland Natural Resources Police Officer. I am married to my beautiful wife, Becky and a father to my twins, Megan and Trent. I am blessed to have the time to be the father I always wanted to be: I get to take them to school and be there to help with homework everyday. Not only do I get to coach them in their respective sports, I have the luxury of playing golf and going to auctions as much as I can.

After only 12 years, I was medically retired as a result of an on the job injury. It was very hard on me because I loved my job and it’s all I ever wanted to do. Due to my injury, I looked for ways that could improve my overall quality of life. Six years after retirement, I discovered Life On Your Own Terms and it has been a blessing for not only myself, but my family as well. I knew right away that this company and this team were exactly what I needed, both emotionally and physically. I got into public service because I knew at a very young age that I wanted to help people in any way I could. Fortunately for me, I have that opportunity once again. I really enjoy sharing my story and showing families how easy it is to provide a healthier lifestyle and make better choices for themselves. The chance to be part of the “Life On Your Own Terms” family is giving me both health and financial opportunities that I never thought would be possible.