I was born with a terrible immune system. I stayed sick as a child, and as an adult no matter how pro-active I was concerning my health I caught everything. Colds, strep throat that would send me to the ER, bad allergies that would morph into sinusitis and ear infections. The older I got, bouncing back from those illnesses was difficult, and with recovery being two to three weeks , I would lose valuable time. I literally have zero time to be sick! I was so frustrated all of the time.

Taylor Schomp introduced us to this online Wellness Store; and after viewing an online tour, I knew converting our home was the answer we’d been looking for. Three weeks later I was already seeing improvements in all aspects – our home, our health, and our budget. We were shoppers for life. Naturally, I thought about referring my friends and family because I knew they’d benefit.

Then, we had a major life change in one day. My husband left for work, and returned home within two hours. The health club he was General Manager of was closing. No warning. In just one day our whole world changed. Thank goodness for this company’s referral program! It instantly provided a stream on income into our home!

Educating others about this amazing store is something I’m so very passionate about. It’s changed our lives in so many ways, and I love showing people how it can change theirs! We have converted our home from chemical based products to more natural, healthier products. For the first time in years I have not been sick with strep and colds, and my overall health has improved dramatically. And I am building a business that is bringing financial peace to our family. Melaleuca has stood by its statement and enriched our lives beyond measure.