My family always emphasized getting a good education, finding a good job and creating a comfortable life for me and my family…basically the American Dream. But the traditional 45-year plan of working from age 20 to 65 for someone else was not for me. At the age of 30, I attended by father’s retirement party and realized that I would likely never retire from a company.

Raising three beautiful and talented daughters with my husband over the past 26 years has been a rewarding but expensive experience. Now that our daughters have finished college and adjusted to their new careers, it is time for us to increase investments in ourselves so that we can retire at a time of our choosing and enjoy that period of our lives without worrying about money.

After researching several business opportunities, we discovered an opportunity with a health and wellness company. This company does what it promises…enhances lives. Helping others with their health and financial goals has always been important to me and it is the most rewarding work I’ve done in years. Working with the Life on Your Own Terms team is building true residual income that will allow us to enjoy our retirement years. We are extremely blessed to have discovered this wonderful opportunity. Our future looks bright!