After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Government, I thought my future was set. My inspiration included my dad who retired from the company he worked for his entire life and my mom who owned a business for over 30 years.  One thing I learned from them was that hard work pays off.  I did my best to climb the corporate ladder, but what worked for my parents was not making me happy or financially secure.  I’ll never forget the day my male boss called a 5:00pm meeting, and all I could do was sit there wondering,  “Will I be done in time to avoid daycare late fees?” I realized that I was not going to regain my time with my daughter if I was working 45 hours a week. I knew entrepreneurship was the only way to control my time, money and future.  My mom owned a successful business but she worked 60 hours a week and had no residual income. I was looking for something different.

Over the next ten years, I tried five different businesses. I sacrificed thousands of dollars and still did not have my time back. One day a friend I met at church invited me over to her home because she knew I was looking for a way to enjoy life on my terms. She was affiliated with a major manufacturer that specialized in healthier products. After a quick overview, I immediately enrolled as a customer. My daughter no longer had to use her inhaler for asthma, and I was also enjoying better health.

I now get so much satisfaction, both personally and financially, as I educate others on better options that will help their families achieve better health.  I ended up with the best of all worlds:  My own business, time freedom, residual income, job security and personal fulfillment!