My husband and I have always lived a very exciting and adventurous life. From moving to Florida with nothing but what we could fit in our cars, to starting our own businesses, to buying a condo, to having a baby. We live for the excitement! But this year came with many unexpected turns. Both of us agreed that when the time came, I would be the stay at home mom I had always dreamed of being. We just didn’t anticipate trying to do that amidst a hurricane!

When Hurricane Irma hit, many people were out of work for weeks. My husband was one of them. And getting disaster relief was a huge challenge! Financially we hit our biggest low. To avoid the cost of daycare, our son Leo and I went back to my hometown in Rochester, NY and I worked as a temp for 2 months while Leo was able to stay with his grandparents.


I made the decision to partner with Life On Your Own Terms, and it has made all the difference. With the support of this team and a lot of faith, I’ve been able to be the stay at home mommy I have always wanted to be, a financial support to my husband and my confidence in myself has been restored.