My nickname from childhood on to this day is Mama Bear so it won’t come as a surprise to know that I get a lot of joy out of helping others. As I got older, this love of people transitioned into a career in Senior Care, where I worked as the Business Director for 5 years and I really found my calling in life. I enjoyed every minute of crunching numbers, helping associates find their own niche and voice as an individual, and loved taking time out of my day to help residents with their daily needs. This passion was a career I never saw myself leaving, but God had other plans.

I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2017 and was unable to continue working at the retirement home. I spent a year battling the diagnosis, and dealing with the onslaught of medication and side effects they brought, as well as the sadness that came with no longer having a career I adored. I struggled for a long time with purpose, that is until my friend, Chelsey, reached out to me in an attempt to help with some of my Lupus ailments.

How was I to know that trying some new supplements would lead me down a rabbit hole of health and wellness that I didn’t even know I really needed. After finally being given the gift of a new life thanks to the Bone and Joint Health Pack, I found a new appreciation for Lupus, my own voice in the world of chronic illness, and the renewed passion for connecting with people. As a happy customer, I now have a platform with the Life On Your Own Terms team to help others advocate for their own health, to show the power of living a purposeful life regardless of circumstances, as well as a way to earn income during a time that I had been on bed rest for almost a full year. Life On Your Own Terms has changed not only my body, but has given me a means to survive along with purpose and passion again. I am so glad I said yes to this company and this team!