I always knew I wanted to stay at home with my kids. This is something I longed for since my own childhood: to never miss a 1st step or a field trip and to always be there when they needed me. But as my children have grown, I have discovered that being there for them truly takes on a different role as the years go by. They need me yes, but they need me to be more than just “mommy”. They need me to be a model for them and to show what it means to make family come first, while also being a leader and helping others.

With Life On Your Own Terms, I have found a business that affords me the flexibility to be home with my family, never missing their important moments. At the same time, I consistently earn an income so I can contribute to our family’s finances. I originally started my business as a way to help make the preschool payments, and it quickly grew in ways I had never imagined. The team of support at Life On Your Own Terms has given me the confidence and the resources to build a successful business. Working with some of my best friends and supportive family makes every day in this business rewarding and a pure joy. However, what I value most is the look in my children’s eyes because they know Mommy loves what she does! She loves her family and she loves helping others achieve the same thing.