I was raised by parents that instilled in me the importance of getting a good education so I could land the perfect “job”. That was all I knew, so I followed their lead and worked hard so I could start climbing the career ladder in Corporate America.

So for years, I put everything into moving up that ladder of success….. but I finally came to the realization that I was climbing someone else’s ladder. I was working 50 or more hours a week in order to “win and get ahead’. I assumed that that this corporate position was the security I needed. Then one day my friend asked me “Just how secure is your corporate job?” That question was my lightbulb moment. I realized that when you are climbing someone else’s ladder, there is no such thing as job security. That was the day I finally started questioning if I was fulfilling my potential. I soon realized that I was working hard to build someone else’s empire. All those hours of hard work were preventing me from fulfilling my own dreams.

I worked as a District Sales Manager for a well known MLM company, a company that people trusted because they had been around for years. I honestly believed that my team could achieve their dreams and goals and earn all the money they wanted. But I witnessed something far from that: women, putting in tons of hours and at the end of the day, averaging less than minimum wage with their businesses. The company’s career plan was failing them and I had lost my passion.

You see, my true passion is to be able to empower women to DREAM BIG and to become all they are called to be. That career in Corporate America was not only letting me down, but it was letting down the very women I was trying to help.

I feel so blessed that someone introduced me to how I can have life on my own terms. I decided to step out in faith and partner with a company with a proven business model. I am creating my own empire, but with the backing of billion dollar, debt free company. I now have that security and peace of mind that my family was seeking. Now, I am fulfilling my personal dream and goals, while helping other women do the same.