My husband and I are raising two amazing boys, and I am so blessed for the family we created. My family is what drives me and how I determine my success in life. I am currently a practicing physical therapist and I specialize in pediatrics. I have spent the past 17 years helping families and their children achieve the best possible quality of life. Although I love my job, after having my two boys I found that work life and home life balance needed a shift, so I went from full time to part time. This shift in work status had a financial and professional recourse but it was so worth it being able to be there for my boys and my husband. Over the years, changes are occurring in the health care world that make it difficult for me to continue to grow professionally and financially. I’ve been searching for a new career and that’s when my good friend introduced me to this amazing company and the Life On Your Own Terms Team! I jumped at this opportunity because it is one that will allow me to continue to help others but will bring new professional growth, challenges, and adventures. The best part is it will allow me to be there for my kids and not miss out on anything that comes with life. I am so excited to see what the future holds with this new company and this amazing team! I have a feeling the future will be BRIGHT!