Flexibility has become high on our career priority list.

With our educational and work backgrounds in Architecture, we had been living with very stressful and demanding jobs. In order to have flexibility and stay home to raise my children, I began a MLM party-plan business in which I was responsible for bringing in over $500,000 in sales per year. However, our future with that company was looking dim; we were concerned about how much time we were spending without much income to show for it.

That was our wakeup call which inspired a re-evaluation of where we were in life. We were exchanging time for money and not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. While we were not yet looking for a different business, a friend suggested we look into this company as potential customers because of their incredible health and wellness products. We fell in love, not just with the products, but also with the company itself and its business model. We realized that this business would offer us financial security because of its residual and inheritable nature.

Now we are able to be at home for our children, my aging mother, Robert’s aging father, and more recently, our new grandbabies! No more corporate rat race for us! We work when we want to and how we want to, with the support from our team and the company. Life on Your Own Terms has enabled us to have a bright outlook and flexibility for our retirement which is invaluable at our stage in life. I invite you to take a look; you just might find what you have been praying for – a way to live life on your own terms!