I always knew that I wanted to be a mom but never wanted to be a “100% Stay At Home” mom. I grew up with the mentality that unless you were on your death bed, you worked to provide for your family. I worked in a high stress Corporate America job that I knew was not conducive to being able to be a present mom with all the travel and late nights. After many prayers, I ended up leaving that job and looking for something that fulfilled me while still able to help my family. During this time, we realized that we needed to look at alternative ways to become parents. Financially we knew that we couldn’t afford to adopt so we looked at fostering instead.

Our first placement is now our sassy toddler who keeps me on my toes and makes me want to be there for everything. Foster care in America is my passion and I realized that I want to be a present parent to my daughter as well as showing love to the other kids in our care. That “100% Stay At Home” mom title became more appealing! Isn’t it funny how kids can make you change your desires in life? I started to look at direct sales company as a source of being able to build my own business and to provide a positive influence for my daughter and be an example to others.

When Taylor Schomp reached out about building a team that would educate others about healthy options in Nashville, I was intrigued. I had just lost a close family member to a horrible quick spreading cancer and was dealing with a child who was needing multiple therapies a week. I knew I needed to find something where I could make my own hours and take care of my children. And of course, I needed to find healthy, affordable options for my own health. I hit the jackpot with this Life On Your Own Terms Team! I found a company that manufactures products that have clinical proof AND allows families to stay in their budget. Plus, I now have a marketing business that allows my family to dream big and see those dreams come true.