Life on your own terms: freedom & time for fun

If there’s one word that people think of when they hear “life on your own terms”, it’s freedom. It means the freedom to live your life as YOU desire, rather than having your life dictated by others.

Living life on your own terms means that, instead of having your boss tell you when you need to show up for work, you have the option to set your own business hours. It means the flexibility to spend as much time with your family as you desire. And it means having the freedom to spend time having fun–really enjoying your life!

Life on your own terms: freedom & time for fun

Have you ever asked a mom what she does for fun or hobbies?

Often, you get a blank stare or a shoulder shrug. This is usually because she’s so busy working and taking care of her family that she has forgotten what it means to just have fun. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have ever found yourself in this situation–stuck and not creating space for freedom and fun in your life–it’s time to change.

You can take steps to living life on your own terms, and find ways to create time for fun, starting today.


  • Take 10 minutes and write down all the things you enjoy doing. Think back to your childhood and brainstorm the types of activities you would spend hours doing.
  • Think about the last time you felt totally fulfilled and happy. What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with? Write these things down.
  • Ask a friend or family member what they think your hobbies are. Sometimes getting an outside perspective helps.
  • What would you do if you had an hour all to yourself with no responsibilities? How about an entire day? Or better yet, a whole week? Jot down everything that comes to mind–no editing yourself!


  • Now, look at the list of ideas and activities you’ve created. Circle 5 of the things you would MOST LOVE to do if you had an hour a week to do so. Perhaps it’s playing tennis with a friend. Or taking a painting class. Maybe it’s sitting and reading a book.
  • Look at your list of the top 5 things you’ve circled and choose one or 2 that are the most realistic at this point in your life. Perhaps one of your items is “Traveling”, but your family’s schedule or budget does not allow for that right now. Choose something else instead for now.
  • Create a “Future” list. For the items that are not realistic in this phase of your life, add them to a “Future” or “Dreams” list. Don’t write those activities and fun off forever–just set them aside for now and look for opportunities to pursue them in the future.


  • Now you’ve gotta make it happen! Grab your schedule and set aside one hour block per week (or two 30 minute blocks) to do something just for fun. It may seem impossible, but if you really look at your calendar, perhaps you can decide to go for a swim instead of scrolling Facebook or watching Netflix.
  • If needed, get your family’s buy-in. When YOU are happy and having fun, your family is much more likely to feel the same. Chat with your spouse and children, if they’re old enough, and let them know you’re going to be making more time for fun. It may even be that you decide to make time for fun as a family.

Having the freedom to make time for fun is one of the reasons our team members love partnering with us at Life on Your Own Terms.

Here are a few examples of some of our team members and what they’ve been able to do for fun lately:

How to Live Life on Your Own Terms: Freedom & Time for Fun - Lissa Redman in ColombiaLissa Redman just went to her home country, Colombia, for an entire month. That was a trip filled with fun and family and of course…. she had the freedom to do that.

Lissa said about her trip:

One of the best parts of my trip to Colombia was sharing parts of my childhood with my kids. I loved telling them stories and explaining foods and traditions to them.

How to Live Life on Your Own Terms-Freedom & Time for Fun - Tiffanee Anthony Tiffanee Anthony recently traveled cross country with her daughter on a fun road trip. She said about the experience:

I’m so glad I made time for fun with my eldest this summer! They say, people bond over food. Well, my daughter and I basically ate our way across America (Norfolk to San Diego), making memories we will never forget! We had 8 solid days & nights together to have this adventure of a lifetime because I have a job that I work around my life– and not the other way around.

Time for Fun: Kim whitewater rafting

Kim Waisome went white water rafting on a trip she earned as part of our team.

The most fun thing about white water rafting was that it was adventurous. It was something I had never experienced before. I came away with a feeling of fearlessness to attack any challenge that comes my way.

Whether your idea of a good time is curling up with a good book in bed, going on a grand cross-country adventure, or playing soccer with your family in the back yard, it’s possible to start making time for fun now.

Don’t wait for life to be perfect or the circumstances to align just right. You can begin living life on your own terms now!

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